HandHeld II  Recorder

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Well known as an important industry innovator Maycom has achieved another major breakthrough in digital audio capture. With a highly appealing and stylish design, fully featured but compact in size, the Maycom HandHeld offers rugged and reliable digital portable recording for both professional and consumer usage.  Due to an increasing demand for smaller and lighter devices, Maycom developed a solid-state, MPEG-L2, portable recorder fitting in the palm of your hand. The clear display supplies the user with all relevant information. One of the unique features is the high quality built-in microphone. A number of useful accessories will complete a professional reporter kit for high quality recordings.

The HandHeld recorder is based on the industry standard compact flash cards to store high quality, digital audio. The cards are robust, able to operate in severe environmental conditions and can be changed very quickly. Audio recording capacity depends on the size of flash card could be easily up to 9 hours (using a 512 MB flash card at 128 kb/sec.).

The Audio front end houses a stereo Microphone/Line Pre-Amp, a limiter and Automatic Gain control. An External Microphone or Source can be connected through the Multi I/O connector on the bottem of the Unit.

With a worst case run time of 2,5 hours on it's Smart Battery rechargeable Pack and the option to run on 4 AAA alkaline cells, there is always a power source at hand.

Connecting the HandHeld to a PC (via optional Cable or Docking Station) results in an extra external Drive in you windows or Apple environment. No drivers to install, now download software to start up. Just use windows explorer or the File Open menu in your application and start working.

The latest feature is the editing functionality FieldEditor, which can be programmed on the HandHeld. You always have your Recorder, Recordings and your editor With you. Just connect via USB to an PC at work, at Home, in a Hotel or Internet Cafe and you can start working.

Docking station
The docking station is a fully equipped multi functional desktop device.It acts as the re-charger for the smart battery pack, but also provides (additional) loudspeaker functionality and external interface options. It offers connections for 2 microphones, a headset and PC (through USB). Maximum portability is secured through the 12 volts DC adapter next to the standard 100-240 VAC.

Through it's USB connection or via the Compact Flash Card the audio can be directly ported from the HandHeld to your local or central computer system for further editing, communication or broadcasting.

HandHeld Brochure (pdf 0.99MB)

HandHeld Manual  (pdf 695KB)

Technical specifications HandHeld
Signal / noise ratio > 80 dB
Crosstalk < -80 dB
Freq. response 20 Hz-20,000 Hz
Harm distortion < 0.005%
Audio processing Linear / MPEG-2 Layer II
Audio modes mono / stereo
Bitrate 8 kbps to 384 kbps
Samplerate 16 kHz up to 48 kHz
File formats Broadcast wave BWF
Analogue in 2x balanced mic/line inputs
Internal microphone omni-directional electret microphone (20Hz - 20.000Hz)
Audio switches input (line/mic); limiter (off/on); AGC (off/on)
Analogue out 2x unbalanced outputs
Headphones out 1x 3.5 mm stereo jack
Loudspeaker internal 0.5 Watt
Storage media Removable Compact Flash card (the HandHeld is tested and guaranteed only with use of Maycom supplied Compact Flash Cards)
Digital in/out USB 1.1 (Windows compatible disk emulation)
Batteries 4 AAA-sized Alkaline batteries
Battery pack (optional) Rechargable NiMH smart battery 720 mAh
Environment operation: 0C to +70C, storage -25C to +85C
Dimensions L x W x H = 178 x 64 x 30 mm (including battery pack)
Weight 0.3 kg, including battery pack
Technical specifications Docking Station
Analogue in 2x XLR balanced mic/line
Analogue out 1x 3.5 mm stereo jack
Headphone out 1x 3.5 mm stereo jack
Loudspeaker Internal 1.5 Watt
Digital in/out USB 1.1 (Windows compatible disk emulation)
Adapter 100-240 VAC / 12 VDC
Charger Smart NiMH battery pack charger
Dimensions L x W x H = 160 x 120 x 44 mm 
Weight 0.28 kg

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